Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Some kids have imaginary friends, some have imaginary pets but Tyler, well, he has an imaginary "sweetie."

The other day at the store he pulls off a seriously expensive bottle of "Fiji" water and puts it in the cart. Reflexively I put it back on the shelf without saying a word( just like blinking or taking a breath, two boys have forced me to develop the new reflex of removing all their little treats from the cart.) "Momma, I need that!" "Ummm nope, you don't
"NEED" a five dollar bottle of water." "Momma, it's fow my sweetie." "Your who?" "My Sweetie, needs dis..."

This scene was repeated over and over, he would pick up something luxurious, and by luxurious I mean the name brand cheese crackers or Sara Lee bread and tell me that his sweetie needed it. Yikes...girlfriends have already started demanding things!


campblondie said...

At least she has good taste.

Alicia Alee said...

Hi Andrea! I found your blog off Marci Ward's! That is too funny. Your boys have gotten so big! They're adorable.

Kelly said...

I did that the other day!!!!!
I told dad i just had 2 have it. he said quit or go sit in the car.
my own fault i badgered him while he was sick. but hey im am a kid @ heart!!
happy holidays annie preston ethan & ty!! luv u guys lots. miss u!!