Monday, December 1, 2008

I love CG. By CG I mean Casa Grande. Casa Grande is a wonderful place brimming with wonderful people. Casa Grande translated into English means Big House...correct me if I am wrong but don't we sometimes call prisons "The Big House"
...make of it what you will.

I had a doctors appointment yesterday. I called weeks ago to get the appointment and the soonest they could get me in was one month later...luckily I just needed immunizations and a physical for school...if I would have been sick, well, I may not be here to write this post. The doctors office is named "Sun Life Medical" WOW, that's some sneaky advertising right there. What do you picture when you think "Sun Life." I picture large white rooms filled with sunlight. I envision a kind nurse gently caring for the sick and nursing them back to health. I see smiling faces, I see disinfectant, I see furniture not crawling with every virus since 1966. I think a better, more accurate name for the"Sun Life" office would have been
" Dark Death"
"Cesspool of disease and rudeness"
"Incompetence - R - Us"
"Want to waste some time....Com on In."
The list could go on well, forever. After 2 1/2 hours and an intense amount of insanity, I left there with only half of my immunizations and at least 2, probably more like 3 appointments awaiting me in the future.
This is what I do know for sure;
We will all probably come down with some real nasty illness in the next few days.
You better believe I will bring a can of Lysol next time I step in there.
Apparently medical school isn't as hard to get into as we all thought...
This tetanus shot in my arm could possibly be actual arm no longer is up lockjaw!


Rachel H. said...

Ew! Is there any other option for Dr's offices there?? Might be worth the switch. Not just for health reasons, but for sanity reasons as well. :)

KMitchell said...

I think it might be worth a drive up to the valley! Sorry you had such a yucky experience. Oh, Casa Grande!

campblondie said...

Need I mention the ER? Better luck next time.

Eyepoke said...


Switch doctors NOW!

I'm terribly serious- doctors are definately not all created equal! And good ones are NOT all that hard to find and so very worth it!

Eyepoke said...
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Eyepoke said...

Please read this!!!

Its Liz's full account of why you should fire your bad doctor!!!! I would hate you to have a bad one for no good reason.

Elise said...

Andrea, I am so sorry to hear about your bad experience there. We see Dr Tracy martin in chandler. She is with East valley Primary care Physicians. Check them out! They have a very nice office and I have never had to wait more than an hour to be seen as a walk in! I hope that your arm feels better soon.

lynsey said...

just think, when you get your nursing degree you can go back and work there! sounds like an amazing opportunity.

Emily said...

You think Sun Life is should see the hospital. it's worth the drive to Chandler!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey my mom took me there and said we will never go back...So we went on the hunt for a DR in CG we found DR Douglas Parkins office we saw Dr.Hall he was awsome and a member.. So check it out..Corttney.. you still make me laugh

jeff said...

Yeah Cottonwood medical center is a better place so i have heard. You wait for ahile so bring a book but at least you feel cleaner. Sun Life is more of a clinic - scary. You should ask some people that grew up here the 411.
Dr. Hall is actually a PA not MD but I grew up with him, I hear great things though. Craig Connor is another good PA there. I hear the Dr. Ridge =good, Dr. Herring= good. so there you go.