Monday, December 8, 2008

I haven't posted photos in a while is a big post of all things Golding...if you make it through all these you are a champ!
The Advent Calendar.... we're getting there. Let's hope next year it will be complete.
Thank you Kelly! We love this shelf Ms. Kelly O gave us. We now have a place for our stockings!

The boys fried our Turkey...yummmmmm
Waiting for it to be done...
Grandma, Marcie, Ethan, Lucy and Tyler admiring their Gingerbread House.
Thanksgiving Bingo...
We saw 4 rainbows in one day...this is the only picture we captured...Ethan was in heaven!
Todd helping Preston unload our Sissoo tree.
Ben and Preston planting my lemon tree...Ben is seriously one of the coolest friends ever!! He drove an hour to help Preston plant our trees. Seriously.
What is Kiki looking at?

I love this picture...A true Dad - holding both the boys up to see the lights!!


Rachel H. said...

(SIGH) So good to hear from you!! Sounds like so many good things have been happening!! That Ben guy is a pretty nice one!! :) And Mrs. O sure does know how to pick a great gift! LOVE that beautiful shelf!!!

Michelle said...

Andrea, looks like you guys have been having fun!! Your yard looks awesome :)

lynsey said...

ooh. since you say you're not "crafty" and there is an awesome advent calendar! can i order one from you? love the shelf, it looks great with the stockings hung.

so fun to hang out last night, thanks for making the drive up!

Cari Johnson said...

hey can i get your and Straders addresses. I don't have your I think I must have just given it to you guys last year when you were here. Do you have straders email so I can look at their blog. Let me know.
Thanks - Cari

Eyepoke said...

Why is the boys friend a Turkey? That's wierd.

Andrea said...

OK Ok, Eyepoke and Preston informed me of my typo...the boys FRIED a turkey. So sorry, loyal readers.

Ryan and Triana said...

Ha ha! Love the previous comment! Your yard looks amazing!!! I can't believe. I love the idea of a lemon tree. Maybe I'll get me one of those! Looks like such a fun thanksgiving. We wish we were there!
Love you guys and we miss you!