Friday, January 23, 2009

I have twelve minutes...twelve minutes to post and still keep my goal of posting everyday...

There's not a sweeter or sadder scene than a sick little boy...he held this position for about 10 hours.

Tyler at Olive Garden the other night. Why use a fork...hands work so much better! Another interesting thing that happened at Olive Garden that fortunately I DON"T have a picture of is Tyler announcing as a man walks buy, " Hey Mom, Look at that Guy. He's weird....Do you see him mom? He's sooowww weird!" I am grateful there isn't a picture of the look I gave him.


Eyepoke said...

This is an odd goal, I have to ask what is your motivation?

Most people set the opposite goal:

ie "this year I will spent less time on the internet"

Im not being disparaging here, I hope, just curious.

Andrea said...

So this goal comes for a few reasons.
1. I know myself and if I just submerge myself in school I will get soooo stressed out and then I will explode. Like literally my head will I know that if I force myself to do something I enjoy EVERYDAY I will be a bit more relaxed and prevent major medical bill...I hear explosions are pretty expensive.
2. I really like looking back at my blog. Basically I used to pride myself of a good memory but having kids has fried my memory and so when I read a blog post from a year ago or let's be honest, a week ago it is like I am reading it for the first time...sad to say that it is the only record I am keeping right now.