Thursday, January 22, 2009

You thought I was going to flake out didn't ya? It's 10:05 folks - the day is not over...

So this one will be quick. Today after hours, too many hours, of shopping Tyler starts to lose it. He is very mad -boiling mad at me for forcing these torturous hours of shopping on him. He is begging to leave the store and I keep telling him, "One more minute...I just need to grab one more...Give me a second..." When finally he erupts with this...

" You! You! You! I call you a berry, berry, HAIR - WE - GUY!!!" The whole time he is pointing his little stubby finger at me. I couldn't stop laughing and that of course, made the situation much worse. I mean, when you come up with your very or berry worst insult and you get laughed does that make you feel??

I actually had a fantastic picture I took of the man today but the camera is in the car and I am upstairs...and well that won't be happening tonight.
See you tomorrow.

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