Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What my public wants my public gets. Anoymous' comment reminded me to post an update. Believe me I have wanted to. I feel like my life is spinning and I am racing as hard as I can to keep up with it. I need to do better. I originally set the goal to blog once a day this year and well, clearly that hasn't happened. But I guess its never too late. OK I will try - starting today -one post a day... at least one sentence a phrase a day...I will post at least one word a day. Nothing like lofty goals to get me moving!

So what has been going on here lately? Well the weather has been blissful. Seriously, picture Hawaii and you are pretty close to this last week. 70's and sunny.
(Well Sorta...minus the ocean and with a bit more brown...)

Ethan is back to school after winter break and he is doing spelling and book reports and fractions...I mean, I feel like by the time he is in 2nd grade I will no longer be able to hold a conversation with this little man. I think we started fractions in Alton in 11th grade.

(This picture just screams boy genius...seriously they don't call him photogenic for nothing!)

Speaking of school I am back for the first time in almost 6 years as a full time student. I am really excited and VERY nervous. I know its the right thing for me but my anatomy and physiology class will probably take a few years off my life. I have good genes...We live a long time in my family but this class could change all that. I don't belive my brain was made to think like this and I am pretty sure that taking 8 credits of anatomy and physiology in one semester wasn't one of my brightest choices!!
(Creepy, I know - but I think I may resemble this poor friend after this class is over!)

And Tyler is his usual self. He is such a sweet little guy and I am not ashamed to admit that most days he is my best friend. I spend almost every waking minute with him, he always has my back and I trust his opinion. The other day he told me my hair looked like well the exact quote was, " You hair look like lion hair or it could look like scarey witch hair...momma you choose. You wanta be a lion or a witch..." Ummm I think I will choose none of the above. But truthfully I looked in the mirror and he was right...the hair was a bit lion-esc. When he's out with Ethan and Hudson playing he runs back every few minutes to check on me, "momma you be OK? You not get scared?" This my dear friends is the reason you have sons. Seriously, that little guy makes my day.

I can't think of much else. I did try some new cupcake recipes last week and they were pretty fantastic. I will post the pictures now and I will try to get the recipe up soon. OK I am off to a night of studing phosolipid bilayers and prophase...see you tomorrow with my post...or word. Whatever I can muster!


Beverly said...

o.k., so if you are taking anatomy and IF you have time to read for fun (which sounds like it may be a big if...) You should check out the book 'Stiff' (I can't remember the author). It sounds morbid, but it is a book about all the things that happen to bodies that are donated for science. It is actually quite interesting, and even humorous at times. And, since you are taking anatomy classes, chances are you won't be grossed out. I thought it was fascinating!!! Let me know if you decide to pick it up.

Rachel H. said...

OOOH! No WONDER you have been running busy! Sounds adventurous, to say the least!

Best of luck with all that's a lot to take on!!

And PLEASE share that cupcake recipe soon. They look absolutely DIVINE!

lizS said...

lol! i took anatomy and physiology in college just for fun...yeah, one of the dumbest things i have ever done. needless to say, i flunked out big time! i'm sure that won't happen for you though. i mean, i had no expectations of actually working, it was supposed to be fun! obviously i was very young and nieve. i got over it pretty quickly.

Jonny and Brittany said...

Your cupcakes look delicous!!!! I hope you are doing well!!

Ian and Sarah said...

hi. i thought i'd better get on and check out your blog, isaac saw me not doing anything and now he's insistant I make him a Star Wars space ship, "wouldn't that be great?!" he says with a smile. oh annie i don't want me..i'm tired. oh... and the baby turned..wild huh?! guess someone upstairs knew it wouldn't be the best thing if Ian and I started burning herb in the house! (the moxibustion conversation;)
hang in there..and i think that we need to take charge and get together....most likely we'll be in texas this summer with travel nursing, that seems like it would be closer to AZ for some reason.

campblondie said...

I too have been out of the blog loop but am trying to get recommited. Glad school isn't overwhelming for you, sounds like a breeze really.

Anonymous said...


Miss Kelly Elizabeth said...

Just rub it in that its warm!! It was semi-warm today. but its supposed to get cold again. . .:(
I hope your doing good with your classes!!! College doesnt sound so fun anymore. kidding. I can't wait! GOOD LUCK!!!
Ethan is so going to be a genius!
Awww Tyler!!!!
I miss you guys lots!!!! Love you!!
Hey Annie, I got a secret to tell you!! E-mail me!!
-not so lil cousin

Anonymous said...

ooooh Thank you for the up-date since you r in school I now know why you are not bloging it is with good reason...Good luck with school full time student wow