Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sometimes I like to visualize the future. By sometimes, I mean, at 3:30 in the morning when I finally finish my homework, my head is aching and I know that I have to get up the next morning and start it all over again. I have a few favorites that I like to visit in my head...the daydream of choice lately has been the 5, count them 1,2,3,4,5 months of glorious freedom I will have from school starting August 15th. That's right from August 15th until I start (hopefully) my nursing program January 25th I will have NO school. What do I plan to do in those 5 months...well that my dear friends is the substance of my daydreams. That is what I think of every time I start to melt down...that is what I think of every time I begin to panic thinking of the 21 credits I will be taking this summer..."5 months," I tell myself, "5 glorious months."

So what do I plan to do with those 5 months...
  1. Read Harry Potter again - Harry is my happy place. Reading Harry is like revisiting my childhood - well, except I read Harry as a large pregnant woman but that's beside the point. I will be doing some major Harry Potter reading!

  2. Sleep

  3. Bake Bake Bake - I have NO time for baking. Heck, I have no time for sleeping, showering, brushing my teeth. (JUST KIDDING! Just making sure you were still with me...) I love Baking, it's a major stress reliever for me and I plan on baking so so so much this fall.

  4. Snooze

  5. Mexico - Oh Yeah. Mexico!!

  6. Hit the Sack

  7. Watching TV. Something that has become a distant memory...I know that I sound a tad pathetic missing TV but it's my daydream - I can dream what I want to!

  8. Nap

  9. Art with the kiddos - Ethan and Tyler will get there mom back for some major fun.

  10. Doze

  11. Tea with the Queen of England - Herbal of course.

  12. Shopping

  13. Forty Winks

  14. While visiting the Queen - hit up Paris and eat a croissant

  15. Catch some ZZZZZ

  16. Reading for fun. I know I already mentioned Harry but I think this daydream deserves double mention because it's one of my most frequent visitors. This is the thing I probably miss the most. I miss discovering new books and visiting my old faves.

  17. Try out for American Idol...

  18. Solve World Hunger

  19. Blog!! We all know that if this blog was a child CPS would have it in foster care. This poor blog has been badly neglected. But this Fall...oh how things will change. I am getting the chills just thinking of it...Freedom, I can almost taste it

  20. And I'll probably sleep a bit too!


Talmage & Kelly said...

Keep dreaming! I hope you get to do at least half of those things on your list...sleep!

Brooke said...

Good luck with getting into a nursing program. I almost started the nursing program at BYU-Idaho this April (got in and everything) but although that's what I wanted, Heavenly Father's had other plans so although I think I would really enjoy doing nursing, for now I will try and be content staying home with my two little boys :) But needless to say, I am a bit envious of you-as crazy as that sounds :)

Sha said...

We'd vote for you, Andrea. And I'm sure after meeting you, the Queen would as well.

Sha said...

( reference to American Idol.)

lizS said...

oh, five months off sounds awesome! can i do that too? just joking, i don't have anything to take off from except being a mom. can i go with you to mexico? i'll take that instead! ;)