Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to their Shenanagans... is back in session and boy, oh boy, it has thrown this household into a bit of turmoil. I want to write all about it but I am drained and exhausted and tired and worn out and sleepy and weary and haggard and drooping... I need some major sleep.
So. To take my mind off that and get a quick post in before bed I thought I would share Tyler's newest shenanigan.
Tyler is very attached to his brother. A fact that I adore. If Ethan is sad - Tyler is sad. Today when Tyler saw a very distressed Ethan at school (that story is pending) he could NOT handle it. He gave Ethan his new creepy spider toy, his candy (you know that's love for Ty to give up food) and kept asking, "momma. what can I do?"
But I digress...Tonight at In-N-Out Tyler wanted to go to the bathroom but he wanted Ethan there. Preston had already taken Ty in the bathroom and Tyler kept asking if Ethan was in the last stall - Preston, hoping to calm Ty down and get him in and out of the bathroom sometime this century said that maybe it was Ethan....they would have to check when Tyler was all done. So...Tyler is in the stall when someone comes in and goes into the last stall - the one Tyler was hoping was occupied by Ethan.
He then says in his "louder than thunder Tyler voice" - " Look Dad...Ethan is not in there cause that old guy just went in. Look he has very old legs." Preston said it was loud - very very loud. Then when the "old guy " exited the restroom a few minutes later Tyler, sitting at our table, points at him and says, "Look Mom, that's the old guy we were talking about -see him - there is that old man."
Fun times in the Golding Family.


Michele said...

That is totally what my boys would do! I completely understand how embarrassing that is. Hope your having a good day!

Rachel H. said...

That's too funny...and REALLLY embarrassing! :)