Friday, August 7, 2009

Shenanigan # 5

I was woken up this morning with two little boys standing over me. My eyes were still focusing but my nose definitely smelled something...

What is that smell. I ask.

"We made a shiny hair potion. It makes your hair so shiny! Look, Momma." I look and sure enough their hair is super, super shiny. Apparently it was a mix of shampoo and several cooking ingredients downstairs. They were about to put it in my hair when AMAZINGLY I woke up.

Seriously, I am going to have to start sleeping with my eyes open.


Ian and Sarah said...

is this the only way to get a hold of you! :) this story sounds familiar to me...four little girls taking all the gels and sprays in the house downstairs and turning the basement into a beauty parlor!

Kay said...

I can remember doing that with shampoo, soap, water, & soda! I look at it now, & think "oh how disgusting that I could ever do that. Then procede to put it in my hair." Yep thats right cousin, I would put it in my hair.

Yet when I read them doing the same thing? It doesnt gross me out. It just makes me miss them all the more.