Monday, July 26, 2010

Science Center

We took a trip, and I mean an ALL day trip to the Science Center. We were there when the doors opened and we left at closing. We left happy but exhausted. Here are some photos of the fun!


The Garner Family said...

Way to build positive memories while inspiring them to learn about their world at the same time! Fun Fun Fun! When we get settled in NM you guys should come out to visit and we could go to the White Sands area. It is awesome for sand-sledding and all kinds of sand play.

Andrea said...

Most definitely Leann, I would love to. NM is not too far away - It will be great to see you guys!

Rachel H. said...

wow!~ I am so impressed--that takes some serious stamina! We usually max out at the 2 hour mark, so I dare say you are an impressive woman! :) Glad you had a fun time~ :)