Thursday, February 17, 2011

Birds and Broken Hearts

I love birds. So much that I have them in almost every room in the house. 

A few birds in the Living Room. 

Tyler loves the birds too. He thinks these white birds are a "momma and her babies."
Here is another bird .
A bird in the boys' bathroom. 

Over the last few weeks Tyler has become more and more fascinated with the birds. I have noticed him on a chair looking at them several times. And then I started finding this....

Everyday, many times a day, I am finding the bird from the bathroom sitting on the shelf in the living room. A pattern is developing. Each time I take the brown bird back to the bathroom and put the stepping ladder the culprit left behind away - just to find Mr. Brown bird back in the living room a couple of hours later.

When I asked Tyler why he kept moving the brown bird he would just say,
"I think him likes it a lot better in here..."
As usual, the birds were moved again this morning. And I moved them back. However, this time when Tyler saw me moving the bird he burst into tears.

"NO Momma!! The Daddy bird wants to stay in here with the mom and babies. Daddies are supposed to be with mom's and babies...not all alone!"

And I saw his concern for that Daddy bird. And all that it means to him. And my heart broke for my little baby bird - for his broken heart, for his shattered world and all he has to face. And I knew he was right. Daddy birds are supposed to be with Mommy and baby birds. 
And so for now...this is how the birds will stay.


Rachel Holloway said...

that just broke my heart...what sweet, tender little ones you have...and what an incredible mama bird you are. :)

Rachel Chick said...

Oh, Andrea. I'm so sorry for all your broken hearts.

Michele said...

It's amazing what little kids notice and say. And he knows that those birds he can put them all together and they can be happy. Makes me teary eyed thinking how all kids want are their mommy and daddy. And sometimes that just can't happen. I hope things are getting easier for you and your family.

Kafooster Kelly said...

Annie it'll be okay. I know im your younger cousin, but I also know it will be okay. I love you guys!

Shells said...

Oh, I shared his tears just from reading this. What a sweet boy he is. You are an amazing mother, they couldn't have asked for better.

Lori McPherson said...

It is so great to see a Mommy that puts her littles always above her own feelings. It must be so hard to see Mr. Brown Bird in the livingroom but it is part of what your little guy needs to heal and you see that, so you put on your mommy cape and keep on going. You truly are inspirational, Andrea. Not all Mommies can have such strength. Be proud of yourself and all you do.

lynsey said...

that tyler is so sweet and innocent and this story made me cry. i love those boys and it makes me realize yet again, how lucky they are to have you as their mom. you're doing such an amazing job with them, through all of this, and i know that because of your strength and also ability to see their side of it validates the loss that they've had to suffer.

i wish so much that your outcome could have been different, and easier, and wish that all people involved would have put those boys first the way you do.