Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saves My Bacon

Just wanted to pass along something we've started this year that is a total lifesaver! I knew that with the way my school schedule was and with the morning temperament of these two boys we were going to need to do something to help simplify the mornings. So...this idea was born.

At the beginning of the week I take all their laundry and I roll them up into outfits. I put their clothes, undershirt, undewear, and socks into a little bundle with a rubber-band.
 And then I put all of their little bundles into their bin.
Gone are the days of them picking shorts, batman socks and sweater vests. Gone are the "Mommmmmmmm, I can't find any socks!" They still get some choices over what to wear. They just pick an outfit out of their bin and they are dressed before I even come upstairs in the morning. It really has saved my bacon!!
PS. In case you are wondering I purchased a "life time supply" of rubber bands from Amazon for 5 dollars.


janine said...

this is a BRILLIANT idea...I am definitely going to implement it with my boys!!!!

Rachel Holloway said...

ABSOLUTELY LOVE this idea! you are so smart! I am TOTALLY going to use this idea as well! LOVE it!

Michael & Wendy Mecham said...

Brilliamt is right!!!! I love this Idea!

Lori McPherson said...

I aspire to me half the mommy you are someday.

Elise said...

what a great idea! I might have to do this too. I'm always looking for ideas to make the mornings go smoother.