Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Best Week Ever!!

Seriously. This is the best week ever! I am in love with Spring Break. The boys and I have been so busy with school and I loved just getting to relax, spend time with them and do whatever I want. 
  • The fun started off Saturday with Tyler's birthday party. I loved getting to see the kids so excited and visiting with great friends.

 The boys and I went to the pool 6 times this week. Sunshine, a good book, Diet Coke and spending time with these cute doesn't get any better than this!

I love Tyler's eyes in this picture.
  • They had a muffin and Lemonade stand. I t really was the cutest thing ever. They were so excited every time they got a customer and they made about 10 dollars that day!!

 Gotta love the MC Donalds cash register they used!!!

  •  Thursday Lynsey and I braved the crowds and took the kids to the Aquarium. We saw sharks feeding on fish and Lynsey and I screamed while all the kids cheered!!

I touched a starfish...and as lame as it sounds - it freaked me out!!

  •   And as luck would have it my birthday was this Wednesday. It was great to get to enjoy my birthday without having to write papers or take tests. And it was the best birthday ever!!

Lynsey MADE my DAY with tickets to Fiddler. She really is the best friend I could ever ask for!! 


Rachel Holloway said...

SOOOOOO happy for you! You deserve a week like that! And I am COMPLETELY jealous of your golden tan! :)

Shells said...

Oh my gosh, what a blast -- it looks like so much fun! :-)

amandamenghini said...

I kind of like that the first picture on this post is of me. When I opened up your blog it said "best week ever!" and had my picture there. Then apparently, there were more pictures under that and I wasn't the only reason for your best week ever...

But it was tons of fun! Thanks for inviting us!

KESLER KREW...Cami said...

awesome i found you! luv the post and pics and all the cool insights blogs always bring! see you next week girly! *cami


Oh! beautiful!