Monday, March 14, 2011

Ode to Tyler

Tyler turned 6 this week. Birthday's have always been magical to a child MY birthday was the best day of the year. However, now my son's birthdays are my favorite days of the year. I love making the day as special for them as I possibly can. I love how excited they get in the days leading up to the big day. I find myself remembering their lives - each tooth and step and LABOR - their birthdays always make me nostalgic. And I am always amazed at the end result...of the little person they are becoming.  This year, more so than ever before, I found myself so keenly aware of how he blesses our family. I can't imagine my life without him. Tyler is:
  • sweet - always more concerned about our feelings than his own. He will give up his money without a second thought if Ethan wants something at the store. he will take the blame for crimes he never committed in order to prevent "someone" else the punishment. when playing he always comes back to "make sure you're okay momma."
  • innocent - he still believe everyone is good. he thinks everyone he meets is a new friend. he thinks tattoo's wash off. after a lesson on modesty he has become VERY concerned with modesty. he will report to me that a construction worker without a shirt needs "to work on his choices." he sees the best in me...and everyone. he is quick to forgive and forget.
  • the comic relief - he's the king of jokes that make NO sense. he's silly and giggly and getting him through an entire sacrament meeting without out one giggle attack is a modern day miracle. Today( to his mommas chagrin) he announced in the waiting room at the dentist's office, "Look momma, that man has a verrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy big belly. I am thinking there might be a bit of a baby in there."
  • helpful - usually the first to volunteer for chores. he often will even clean a room as a "surprise" for me.
  • cuddly - he LOVES to cuddle. he inherited his mom's cold feet and always has to tuck them under a pillow just like me. we love to watch movies together with out feet tucked under a pillow.

Happy Birthday Tyler. I love you  more and more each day. Thank you for each day I have had as your mother!!

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lynsey said...

he is so cute & one of the sweetest kids ever. i love that he came to our house & within 5 minutes was cleaning up the toys without me even asking. that NEVER happens in my home!

i love him, and his personality, and his heart.

happy birthday ty guy!