Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm Back

This blog is always the first to go when things get crazy. I hate that - I love having this outlet and getting to look back at what we've been doing. But I still haven't figured out how to keep it going when life gets nuts...
We've had a lot go on since my last post.

  • Ethan turned 8 and will be getting baptized in a couple of weeks. He got a wii - and was thrilled - we celebrated with a few of his friends at Peter Piper Pizza (its like chucky cheese)
  •  Lynsey took me to my first concert (I know...I have lived a sheltered life:) And we had an amazing time. I felt like I got a taste of a true college experience. I got in bed at 2:30 am and had to get up at 5:00 am for graduation.
 We now have a cub scout.

 The boys finished the school year and are home for the summer. I cannot believe I have soon to be 1st and 3rd graders. It really feels like they were just little diapered babies a few days ago.We've been keeping ourselves busy and cool with puzzles and trips to the Science Center.

 These pictures make me smile. Tyler's smile is just infectious...

  I graduated!! And then a couple of weeks later started my graduate program. I took 6 credits in 3 weeks and it was one of the toughest things I have ever done. However, it was worth it. I will now be able to be home with my kids every evening in the fall.  I am off school until August 17th and we are going to LIVE IT UP!!

  Ethan's class had a Japanese Tea and I, as the room mother (do not ask me how that happened) was in charge of it. Isn't it adorable??

  • I got a new calling as a Relief Society teacher. I am very excited and a little nervous. I love teaching - it forces me to stretch and grow - but I get so nervous. Every time I swear it takes a couple of years off my life. 
  • I have gotten the "decorator" bug and have been working on my bedroom. So far I am pretty pleased - but I still have a ways to go. Stay tuned for the reveal..
Okay, this is the most disorganized, haphazard and chaotic blog post ever. If you read this you must have whiplash. From Japanese Tea's to bedroom makeovers, graduation and relief society...Wow! But I just needed to get that off my chest. I wanted to remember it all. Next post will have one topic - I promise!


Michelle said...

It is my favorite when you are haphazard and chaotic ;) P.s. I love your blog because I can actually hear your voice talking in my head. That doesn't often happen to me, and I love it. Thanks for being you ;)

Rachel Holloway said...

I absolutely am inspired and awed by you. YOu have shown how POSSIBLE the seemingly IMPOSSIBLE is. Thank you for your brave, wonderful example.
SO proud of you, and so HAPPY FOR you--

Bryn said...

YAY! I am glad your back in the blogging world:) and SUPER proud of you!

amandamenghini said...

You will be a fantastic RS teacher! That is so cool. And I love tyler's smile because it looks just like the same smile he had when he was two. Adorable!

Shells said...

A cub scout already? How fun!

And congrats on graduation -- that's huge!


Beautiful children!