Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swimming, Secrets, and Sweat

The boys and I went to the pool today. We were there totally alone - which meant I was the entertainer. The time was spent playing their favorite game - Raging Rivers (which is basically mom becoming the amusement park ride and splashing, crashing , and dunking them until I am past the point of exhaustion.) But it was a good -really good kind of exhaustion.

Then we had dive competition(which for us is when I give them a creature/person they have to dive like. Tyler's clown is my all-time-favorite dive.)
Alot of time was spent in me teaching(or trying to) them how to float. Little know fact about Andrea: I am a world class expert at the float. Someone once told me that I float so well because fat is lighter than water and I have a higher body fat percentage.
SECRETS TO WOMEN #1 - Never, ever, EVER, tell a woman that the reason she floats so well is because she has so much fat.
Way to rain on my parade. I just thought I had a gift. 

Later I took the boys to get the supplies for these. We are making them for Ethan's party next week.
And to our surprise we are one of the few houses that still have power on our side of Mesa. Apparently there was a huge power outage and all the stores were in the dark...and Albertson's meat department smelled WRONG! 112 degree temperatures +no air conditioning + a large amount of raw beef = BAD NEWS. 
So the boys and I hurried back to our very cool house and said major prayers of gratitude. I am so thankful we still have air conditioning. I am not sure what we'd have done...but it wouldn't have been pretty.
As I was putting them to bed tonight I really felt like this was the perfect day. It was completely ordinary. But EXACTLY the kind of day I would chose  - low key - time with no demands, no plans, no stress. Just me and these two little boys who have become two of the greatest friends of my life.


amandamenghini said...

I'm so glad you didn't loose power! I was thinking about you guys when I heard that on the news. The power went out at our fry's too- all that food wasted!

Can't wait to see you guys on saturday!

Sha said...

We heard that Ethan's getting baptized this week. Pass on our Congrats to him!! Hope you are doing well.