Sunday, August 7, 2011

what do i write? i know there is a blog post in my head - it has been rattling around in there for days.
i think it may take a few more days to make its way to coherent sentences.

in the meantime a few tidbits of my life. {because i am told by well meaning seniors in the checkout at albertson's that 'one day you will want to remember this}

tyler was tramatized today. we watched a churchish movie called "spiritual crocodiles." its been a decade (at least) since I watched this movie and i forgot that there was a scene or ten where an unsuspecting water buffalo is attacked and devoured by a crocodile. so I (andrea-i-am-trying-to-teach-my-children-morals) show them this movie and before I know it Tyler is sobbing and CANNOT stop. this boy loves swords and star wars and is CONSTANTLY reinacting battle scenes...but a baby water buffalo getting eaten killed him.
I may or may not have told him it was all pretend and they were just actors. and that no water buffalo were actually eaten. (yep...teaching morals.) he cried off and on all day. and at bed time told me that he hoped the water buffalo didn't hurt too much while being 'crunched and devoured" by the crocodile's mouth. i am gonna start putting money away this week for the future therapy he will need.

school starts soon. the boys start on wednesday. i return on the 17th. its a bitter sweet thing. i am happy for the return to routine. i have learned this summer that all of us - especially me - are happier on a routine. when and if i am ever finished with school and if there is ever a time that i am once again a stay at home mom (a girl can wish can't she??) i now know this about myself. as much as i loved relaxing with the kids and the freedom to go and do whatever we want i was restless this summer. i need a routine and schedule. its weird how i had more time than i ever did during the school year and yet I feel like i accomplished less, strange huh? but i am sad for it to end. the late night reading sessions. the baking whenever i want. the pool. the outings with the boys.
i am excited to dive back into my counseling classes. my summer classes reaffirmed to me once again how much i love this material  - and that this is exactly what i need to be doing.

gonna go enjoy one of my last evenings of freedom. i am reading such a good book!

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VaLene Hulme said...

What is the great book you're reading? I understand the bitter-sweet part of school starting. The crocodile story made me laugh. I mean, sad for Tyler, but still funny in a crazy way.